Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to add posts under title for blogger

Adding post under headings is a tiresome issue for all bloggers, but for professionality of blog lies in  it is to sort everything under each titles,which will give your blog post a worth and good titltes of every blog may be different some of them may be tech and some may be about  SEO and some of them may be about online business.What ever may be topic each blog must be clean cut.

Many of the bloggers are interested in coustom templates availabe on the different websites like "free blogger templates,bt templates" e.t.c. these websites will give a word press like look for "blogspot" titles and it has got many more features rather than blogger. So many of the bloggers prefer custom blogger templates.
The first step for customization of blog is installing the templates
For installing the template downloaded
click on the "Design"button on the top of the blogger page and then select "Edit HTML"
For uploading a custom template design you have to download it from the above mentioned websites the common extension of the downloaded file will be of ".XML" format for uploading the file. 

click on the "choose file " button on the blogger page as marked on the above pic and click on the "upload button " Thus the custome template is uploaded.

Next issue is the sorting of each post under each headings of the blogger. For that find the Html code in the blogger design.For that choose as many number of labels for your post.That is assign proper labels for your blog post, thus you have sorted your posts based on these labels,this is the first step of pointing your blog.

The next is you have to find the HTML code corresponding to the page titles.
For that you have to search The code

  Above pic shows code for "downloads" and "facebook"

The code above shown is which you can find for my webpage for different templates different things are mentioned in the blog title

The third step is pointing corresponding labels to the above mentioned code what ever may be the title you can rename which will be same as that of your blog content and blog label.

right click on the label displayed in your blog and open it a new tab "Here i opened the label named "Gadgets" in a new window

Select the HTTP link of the opened tab and paste it between the '#' that is replace the # with "the "HTTP" link
thus you have pointed the label to the corresponding link.When any one click on the page title the posts under the corresponding labels will displayed under the page title.





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